Monday September 6th: Do good anyway
September 6, 2021
A Real Talk with the Sport Highlight Real Team
September 7, 2021

Tuesday September 7th: Power through Prayer

“Now during those days Jesus went out to the mountain to pray; and he spent the night in prayer to God.”

Luke: 12-19

In today’s Gospel passage Jesus prayed before he chose his twelve apostles, however, this seems to have been a trend with Jesus, praying that is. In lots of other scriptures, we find him performing this act … praying to His Father and thus returning with Power.
Specific to this passage, Jesus returned with the Power to make decisions (choosing of the 12) and heal. When we are called to make decisions, especially important ones that will have a bearing on our lives. It may not be easy; we can feel lonely and unable to make up our minds. We should feel comfortable to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance – that means we will be supported by the three persons in God who will help us with our thinking. In addition, prayer often gives us an opportunity to put the important decisions of our lives into the context of love of God and love of our neighbour.