Lizzy D prepares for the new school term
September 4, 2021
Monday September 6th: Do good anyway
September 6, 2021

Sunday September 5th: The personal touch

He put his fingers into the man’s ears and touched his tongue with spittle.’

Mark 7:31-37

The Jesus way of healing is to respond to a request of one who cannot communicate, have a conversation. Jesus takes the man aside in private, where there is an intimacy, a physical touching of ear and tongue. The meeting of bodies is very important. He looks to the heavens the source of healing and sighs, feels the pain of the man. There is a deep respect of the person’s vulnerability.

In medical institutions you are told to be there for 8.00am. At 9.30am the doctor breezes in, no apology, no communication, no eye contact. The encounter with the medic is impersonal, no intimacy, little respect for a human being. You are in and out in the blink of an eye. Where is the tender physicality and most importantly feeling the pain of the patient?

Where are the Jesus persons who look up to heaven, have intimacy, touch physically and that results in ligaments being loosened?

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash