Saturday September 4th: Praying for Wisdom
September 4, 2021
Sunday September 5th: The personal touch
September 5, 2021

Lizzy D prepares for the new school term

On September 6, I will return to virtual school with much anticipation to begin my second year of secondary school during the pandemic. I started Form One last year, and it was undoubtedly a learning experience, with the transition from primary to secondary school being the first factor. Some people found it more difficult than others in different ways. It could be having multiple teachers instead of just one or going from three to 13-plus subjects. Some of my classmates also had challenges adjusting to the virtual classroom. The virtual classroom was my favourite part of the entire experience. I was able to show all my talents and knowledge without the hindrance of fear and anxiety since I hid behind this laptop but the truth is, we never hit the ground running, we stumble, we fall and we have the scars to remind us of all mistakes.

Form Two is a fresh opportunity for me to not only be physically organised and prepared but mentally as well. If my mind isn’t ready, schoolwork will become overwhelming, stressing and unmotivating. The trick is finding what motivates you. Some of us are motivated by the class, teacher, or even a new pen but for me, I am motivated by learning new things.

Motivation, on the other hand, is just one aspect of the learning process. We must also recognise our own learning style. I’ve discovered that I digest information more slowly in the mornings, so I have to take more notes than I would in the afternoons. Another issue that arises for others is that they may not be as aware of when they are most active. I am thankful that I was able to learn this about myself quite early in my life. Now I am also trying to figure out what my listening habits are and how I can develop to reach my maximum potential.

A daily routine also helps to maintain a sense of structure and stability. Knowing this, I have already planned my schedule to ensure that I have adequate time for studying each subject per week. However, my daily schedule also includes meditation, reading, listening to music and at least 20 minutes daily exercise. Hopefully, this new plan will add some balance to my life.

In addition, the way I prepared for back to school now differs from how I would have prepared two years ago. In this modern time, I have concentrated more on the devices I own, and if they’re working properly and that the software is updated and secure. Things like stationary are no longer as significant to me as they were before the pandemic. No, I’ve learnt to adjust to the current situation.

As the time draws closer to the first day of school, I become even more excited to take on the new challenges and embrace the new opportunities of learning and progressing closer to my goals.