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September 1, 2021
Find the courage
September 2, 2021

Thursday September 2nd: Put out into the deep water

“They left everything and followed Him”

Luke 5:1-11

So often we become despondent when things do not happen as we expect it. At that point we feel to give up wondering why continue.
Today’s gospel has many lessons for us. However, I will reflect on four.
Simon and his friends after a day’s work had no catch. It was then that Jesus turned up. Lesson 1: Jesus enters our lives when we least expect it, in our darkest moments.
He instructed that they “put out into the deep”. They were experienced fishermen and realized no fish was biting. Lesson 2: Jesus always knows best.
They had such a large catch that they needed help. Lesson 3: If we listen to Jesus the results will surpass our expectations.
Little did they know that they were being given an experience on bigger catches, men, they were being called to discipleship. Lesson 4: Jesus calls us into service even when we think we are not capable.
Let us learn from today’s lessons to listen in silence and to be ready to respond to Jesus calling, “Put out into the deep.”