Tuesday August 31st: In Word and Deed
August 31, 2021
Protecting our students
September 1, 2021

Wednesday September 1st: Spiritual Sloth

“They wanted to prevent Him from leaving them.”

Luke 4: 38 – 44

The people wanted to stay where they were and keep Jesus with them. Sometimes we get so comfortable in a place or situation in life that we do not want to move on. Moreover, we want others to stay with us as well.

In today’s gospel, Jesus left to find a lonely place, as is His custom, most likely to talk to the Father and discern the mission ahead. While Jesus was doing good in Capernaum and everyone welcomed and wanted Him to stay, a very different reception than in Nazareth, Jesus needed to continue His good works in other towns too. Similarly, Jesus does not want us to settle, but calls each one of us to go with Him, spreading the good news.

I pray that I be inspired by our Lord, beginning each day with a moment of quiet to meet with God to find the strength and courage to move forward spiritually, sharing the good news as I go.