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September 1, 2021
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‘The Generational Divide – Who is in the pew?’

Fr Christopher Lumsden organised a two-part virtual training session for members of the Pastoral Councils, Ministry Animation Teams and Ministry leaders of the Petit Valley/Diego Martin Cluster on August 14 and 21. The topic was: ‘The Generational Divide – Who is in the pew?’

Taresa Best Downes, the Episcopal Delegate for Youth, in the first part, included in her presentation, the different generations and the different characteristics of each generation.

She  spoke about the Silent generation pre-1945 and went through Baby Boomers 1946–1963, Gen X 1965–1980, Millennials 1981–1996 then we have the Gen Zs who are growing up in the digital age. Then we know that here is Generation Alpha those born in 2010 to present.

Taresa guided us on how each generation has been influenced by its environment, the ways we are all differently stimulated, motivated and so respond differently. We do well to learn how to stimulate the younger generations by communicating effectively to engage them.

Her presentation style was interactive, and she was able to guide her audience to where she wants them to work from, and not from preconceived positions on what the ‘problem’ is and ‘knowing the solutions’.

Her approach assisted in getting us out from where we think we know, to a place of asking the right questions, listening, and then working from there with the right answers.

The training was very motivating for me and I’m sure for others as well. I left feeling very hopeful for our future as we seem to be on the right track for understanding and actioning what we need to do to keep our Catholic youth in ‘our pews and for them to stay’.

We are privileged indeed to be in this Cluster with these opportunities available to us. Thanks, Fr Lumsden, for your foresight and commitment for the succession and continuity of our faith in the Catholic Church.

—Jacqueline Allamani

Photo by Channel 82 on Unsplash