Care for Creation: Giving your pets home treatments
August 30, 2021
Wednesday September 1st: Spiritual Sloth
September 1, 2021

Tuesday August 31st: In Word and Deed

“Be quiet! Come out of him!”

Luke 4:31¬- 37

Those present in the synagogue in Capernaum were amazed that Jesus spoke with such authority. However, his authority which had its foundation in his relationship with God was not only evident as he proclaimed the good news, but also when he cast out the spirit of an unclean devil from a man in the synagogue.
Today as we celebrate our 59th Anniversary of our Independence we thank God for leaders on all levels and citizens as well, whose authority like Jesus,’ was based not on some whimsical fancy or a desire for popularity and power, but whose truth spoken was supported by whatever action was needed at the time.
Lord, as we reflect on our Independence, there is still need for eradication of attitudes and values that prevent us from moving forward as a people. Speak to the stumbling blocks in our path so that every citizen, like you in word and deed, will commit to the responsibility of freeing this nation from the systemic evils in our society that keep us in bondage.