Sunday August 29th: What’s within.
August 29, 2021
Archbishop pleads, “Save this beautiful nation of ours, get vaccinated”
August 30, 2021

Monday August 30th: Familiarity breeds contempt! Stay focused on mission and purpose.

“I tell you solemnly, no prophet is ever accepted in his own country.”

Mark 4:16-30

One frigid night, a sheik lay in his tent, his camel thrust the flap aside, “I pray thee master, let me put my nose within the tent, for it is freezing”. The master obliged. The camel continued asking until he was all the way inside. He then glared at the Master and declared that there was insufficient room for them both and kicked the sheik out into the cold. [Adapted version] Familiarity breeds contempt is another way of saying, “No prophet is ever accepted in his own country”.
Can we not relate to such contempt in our families, jobs, groups and even Church? Probably in more subtle ways and not the near homicide attempt on Jesus.
Yet just as Jesus, we must embrace our mission and purpose allowing our lives to be transformed, enabling us to spread the good news. Restoring hope to the poor in Spirit; release to those captive by 0 sin; sight and clarity to those blinded by vain philosophies and false ideologies and freedom to the downtrodden, those oppressed by hardship, shackled and bruised by life’s troubles.