Poem: The World’s Problems
August 27, 2021
May we be better human beings because of Fr Makhan
August 27, 2021

What do you love about being Trini?

Gabrielle Miles

All aspects of our culture influenced by our rich history including the food, delicacies, togetherness or “all ah we is one” mentality, festivals, our dialect and the rainbow people. Also the vast flora and fauna that surrounds us.






Chelsea Stewart

Apart from the obvious lovable attributes we have as a people, I love that we are creative and hilarious. At times we are perceived as ‘making fun of everything’…’everything is not a joke’. However, I generally enjoy that we often see the silver lining in situations. We often make light of circumstances and we can laugh at our own misfortune.





Trivelle Blake

We like to party







Ranisha Neptune

The culture