Visio Divina for women: Thursday, August 26
August 25, 2021
Youth in Art: Xande Alexander
August 26, 2021

Thursday August 26th: The Abused and The Abusers

“And he begins to beat his fellow-slaves”

Matthew 24:42-51

We are living in times that are sensitive to grave imbalances in power and the pandemic has brought to the fore Civil demonstrations which highlight social issues such as racism, gender inequity, lack of inclusive education and an unacceptance of the diversity that exists in our society. These are all issues that subvert and suppress attempts at creating a society that promotes human dignity and social justice.

Throughout the landscape of human history we can find countless examples of grave injustice against groups of persons or communities in society where power entrusted to authority figures was wielded like a weapon denying basic human rights and access to opportunities. The common good, responsibility and sense of duty to all were lacking as it was clear that only a select few and their rights were more important.

Fast forward to 2021 during a Covid-19 pandemic and some of the same injustice exists. The oppressed and abused are crying out for justice and mercy.

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels