Monday August 23rd: Keep your eyes on Jesus
August 23, 2021
From Independence to Mutuality
August 24, 2021

Tuesday August 24th: Come and see

‘I pray for the inner freedom to ‘come and see’

John 1:45-51

It is an empowering invitation. One of the themes running throughout the archdiocesan pastoral plan is making or becoming missionary disciples. While we recognize that this is what we have to do and become, it is daunting. It requires an encounter with Jesus which results in a burning desire to share the good news.

Phillip seems to have this method down pat. Having encountered Jesus, the one “about whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote” he told his friend, inviting with a simple ‘Come and see”. He used the same approach with the Greeks who wanted to see Jesus. It is an empowering invitation.

In our pastoral planning workshops we use the church’s social teaching method of SEE JUDGE ACT. SEEing is the first aspect of conversion, it is where we encounter reality, see what is happening in our time and space – prejudices as well as truth. We read the signs of the times.

Lord, I pray for the inner freedom to ‘come and see’ and rid myself of the prejudice of others and be open to your Son.