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August 24, 2021
The Goodness
August 24, 2021

Reaping for a Cause

Rio Claro farmer Navindra Heeralal would have been just an anonymous farmer tending to his produce farm. However, he was thrust into the spotlight in a TV6 news report on May 1.

Heeralal decided to give away his cassava crop to persons in need. At the time, the price of a pound of cassava had dropped so low, that the farmer was willing to accept at half the normal price—he could not even get $1 per pound.

Instead of letting the crop rot, he decided to distribute to persons in need. Heeralal was moved by the plight of an agriculture labourer who voiced his worry that with produce not selling, he could not get work and worried “what next on the meal for his child to eat”.

The 37-year-old father of one reasoned, “that is what we [farmers] work for, to feed…not everything is about money. I have and I could give. I giving. I is not no millionaire, no big shot, just a normal person. Probably next month I might fall short on my loan payments, [we] just trying to make it.”

April 29 on Facebook, he invited the public to visit on the weekend of May 1-2 and collect for themselves or to help others. “No buyers, just come and carry…” he said.