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August 24, 2021
Shaping Soul and Civic-mindedness
August 24, 2021

Our people dream

“With the help of young people and their innovative spirit, we can make the dream come true of a world where bread, water, medicine and work flow abundantly and reach those most in need first.”

—Pope Francis

Interns, Brianne Gomes, and Joshua Britto, both 19, ask their peers what they would like to see for a better T&T.

Naiym Antoine, 19 – I would like to see that we try and at least carry down the crime rate in certain areas of our country and investment in our people’s needs in society.


Jordann Ifill, 19 – I would like to see an improvement in the quality of customer service and speed at government offices.

Iantha Hicks-Narace, 38 – I would love to see our citizens begin to care for the environment! I’d love to see an end to violence and total extinction of crime and corruption! Would love to see love and honesty be woven back into the fabric of society! I’d love to see Trinidad and Tobago leading the way as we embrace technology in this new normal!

Paul Pierre, 18 – I am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and for this country to move forward, we would have to be there for one another as we still are affected by race and gender to decide many things currently going on in this country.

With race, people are judged unfairly by how they do work for school or at their jobs as they can be seen as the lesser person and their mental health can be heavily affected by statements or actions. As for gender, the point that we all have to be equal and not be seen as the lesser gender, as both play a part, as both are equal. In conclusion, for Trinidad and Tobago to move forward the citizens would have to further get together to be equal and to have equity among one another.

Ricardo Legay, 54 – I would like to see a balance of finances between the rich and poor, public utilities upgrade, more transparency with politics, upholding of the law and respect, responsibility by offices and citizens alike, etc. Of course, more support for our youths, after all, they’re the future.

Danielle Stewart, 28 – I want each of us (citizens) on an individual level to strive to be the best, most productive versions of ourselves. Whatever our gifts are, our talents, our job, just strive to be your best. If we all as individuals do this, then eventually, over time, it will have a ripple effect. We will see increased productivity in our homes, our workplaces, our communities and then overall in our country. I just want for each of us as citizens to just do our best and do our part in nation building. That’s it.

Jea’von Noel, 20 – I would like to see the country open back to its normal affairs; businesses open back up, food places as well, people get back their jobs and that’s about it.


Beverly Matthews, 57 – I would like for Trinidad and Tobago to recover fully from the Covid-19 pandemic so we can have a sense of normalcy.


Aaliyah Abraham, 19 – I would like to see more of the job market open up for students right out of school. I know many students struggle to get a job whether it be when they finish their degree or secondary school. I would like for there to be more of a market for students and people now entering the world of work because most jobs need or require experience. I’d like to see more of these jobs offer rather than just require experience.

N’Kresha Thomas – 20 – I think that there are quite a lot of changes that can or should be made in Trinidad. These range from certain aspects in our bureaucratic system to the education system. However, my response is mainly fixated on moving towards sustainable development. I think that this is a viable option for us because energy sources such as solar, wind and tidal energy are key characteristics of Caribbean countries. Furthermore, these sources of energy are renewable and will allow us to save money in the long run.

Photo by Jono Hirst on Unsplash