Sunday August 22nd: Where is safe?
August 22, 2021
Tuesday August 24th: Come and see
August 24, 2021

Monday August 23rd: Keep your eyes on Jesus

Don’t shut up the Kingdom

Matthew 23: 13-22

Pharisees and Scribes are lay people like us. They are responsible for keeping the faith, building the church and ensuring that the next generation would know and love the one true God.
They were sent by God. They were successful and loved God, but lost their identity and mission by becoming worldly, full of themselves and corrupt.They failed to teach and live out the original purpose of “loving God with your whole heart”.
They should have been rich and full in the Lord. However, Instead of shepherding God’s people, they spent time filling their pockets, keeping places of honor and privileges in the city and opposing Jesus.
That’s why Jesus condemns them. Beware. We must be careful not to fall into the same trap and become full of ourselves. Our call and mission is to love, to draw and to point others to Jesus.
We are followers of Jesus. As we follow we call others to come to know him, to love him and serve him.