Saturday August 21st: Humility
August 21, 2021
Monday August 23rd: Keep your eyes on Jesus
August 23, 2021

Sunday August 22nd: Where is safe?

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the message of eternal life.”

John 6: 60-69

In my Father’s house there is a room with your name on it. There, you will be fed with Jesus, the bread of life that has come down from heaven. The hospitality is exquisite but you cannot enter on your own, you have to be drawn by the Father. This ritual meal is your faith vaccine.
Many of his earlier disciples walked away, saying, ‘dey not taking dat.’ The ritual of the Eucharist celebration, the sharing of the bread of life, represents our ‘at-one-ness’ with the community; our role to drop off food for the hungry and help a man to breathe. Let it not end, but begin with the sacred meal, around the table in my father’s house.
Jesus was glad twelve stayed. He reminded them that they could go too if they wanted. This is dangerous territory; you could become a lethal believer. ‘But now, we too can go, amidst the pandemic; which scares us to death. But where can we go, who can we go to, where is safe?’