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August 20, 2021
Sunday August 22nd: Where is safe?
August 22, 2021

Saturday August 21st: Humility

“Anyone who humbles himself will be raised up.”

Matthew 23: 1-12

Let us approach the Scriptures with humility.
Fr. Michel de Verteuil, guru of Lectio Divina, used to say that we must approach the Scripture with humility. Prayer is a humble activity where we, creations of God, place ourselves in the presence of our Divine, Almighty Creator. Scripture allows us to interact with God as we did in Eden, with great intimacy.

Fr. Michel invited us to feel the word ‘deep in our belly’, he would say. However, for the word to enter the depths of our being we need to be humble and admit that we need and rely on the word and the Spirit to search us, heal us, refine us, melt us, mold us and teach us.

Lord, today we come before you humbly asking you to fill us with your word. May it do its work in us. Lord, may we learn to love and chew on your word. Amen.