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A Catholic Foodie: Pleasing Parmesan Chicken

Who doesn’t love Parmesan Chicken? If it’s something that you love but it’s too expensive to buy at a fancy restaurant, especially if you have to buy for a big family, then this amazing recipe by Keisha Woods-Patino of Klamps’ catering is just what you need!

Keisha who is a parishioner of St Charles’ RC church in Tunapuna started this business with her family in March this year, just before the lockdown. The name ‘Klamps’ is taken from the first letter of every team member, who are Keisha (K), Lennard (L), Ashley (A), Michael (M), Patino (P) & Shantel (S) –hence the name ‘KLAMPS D’Family’.

Cooking professionally for people and seeing them enjoy their meal has always been Keisha’s dream. From a very early age, Keisha and Lennard were both in love with each other and the kitchen. But in their early 20s they focused on raising a family. Today, that family makes up the team of their catering business.

What’s the secret behind their great-tasting food you ask? They say, “we put our heartfelt emotions into our recipes and style of cooking so that everyone can enjoy them!”.


4 boneless breasts

¾ cup of flour

1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs

1 cup regular breadcrumbs

4 eggs

¼ tsp salt for each dry coating of chicken

¼ tsp black pepper for each dry coating of chicken

2 tbsp freshly chopped celery

½ cup tomato paste

½ cup parmesan cheese

½ cup mozzarella cheese

1 ½ cups olive oil for frying

(Serves 4)

The perfect protein for any side dish

Steps for making Parmesan Chicken:

1. Coat in dry flour.

2. Dip in beaten eggs.

3. Coat in both types of breadcrumbs. Repeat these steps until each piece of chicken is coated with the ingredients. Ensure that the oil is hot and fry chicken until golden brown.

4. Heat oven to 360°.

5. Take fried chicken & place on baking tray.

6. Place tomato sauce on chicken, followed by cheese.

7. Garnish with celery.

8. Lastly, place into oven, bake until cheese is melted with golden speckles (for 20 minutes).

You can visit Klamps on Facebook and Instagram 
Contact number for orders 484-9889 or 707-6177