I Still Believe in Miracles Pt. 1
August 19, 2021
Who is ready for school? What are you doing to get ready?
August 19, 2021

My Grandma Joy

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Dedicated to: Joicelyn Bartholomew by Thiarry Bartholomew 

You may not have a clue

Of all the good things you do

For this family and that is a tragedy


But to all Grandma Joys, your name is true

Bringing joy and happiness to all who love you

You are the glue

That keeps us together like a secret ingredient in a stew


And despite the fact this poem rhymes

But the more important details is the millions of times

That I’ve been told

That your heart is made of the purest gold


You have a smile that lights up rooms

And my heart so fills with love for you that it might explode and go boom

You make my whole world go round

And when you laugh there is no greater sound

I would not be who I am without you

And there are not enough ways for me to say thank you