Saturday August 14th: Jesus Blesses Little Children
August 14, 2021
Monday August 16th: What do I lack?
August 16, 2021

Sunday August 15th: Mary, Ark of the Covenant

“Of all women you are the most blessed and blessed is the fruit of your womb.”

Luke 1:39-56

From the very beginnings of her existence within the womb of her mother Anne, the body and soul of Mary were created as the imperatively immaculate vessel required for the containment and growth of the Incarnation of the All Holy. Mary was created with the graces that would render her a fit Ark for the New Covenant, Were Mary not be-graced by God for that very purpose of holy containment and development, she would have been crumbled into dust by the immensity of it.

And this relates directly to the Assumption of Mary. “You will not suffer your beloved to undergo corruption” we read in Psalm 16:10. Christ’s divine body did not undergo corruption, but ascended into heaven; it follows that his mother’s body, which contained the cellular components of that divinity—and a particle of God is God, entire—would not be permitted to undergo corruption either.

Let us say with perfect confidence: O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee! (Elizabeth Scalia)

Photo by Anuja Mary Tilj on Unsplash