Saturday August 7th: Deep faith
August 7, 2021
Monday August 9th: So as not to offend these people
August 9, 2021

Sunday August 8th: Take and eat

“I am the living bread which has come down from heaven.”

John 6:41-51

If you look intently you will see a storm brewing in her eyes; you would realize that there is a sea in you and far out on the other side of the wide sea you may recognise a turbulent Jesus hidden in the water. And if you stare into the fire, into the blazing fire that you want to tame and bring with you into the cave of your heart for warmth, you will see the burning bush that is not consumed, where God revealed to Moses His name as ‘I am, who I am’.
And if you observe the wheat and barley fields and see the waving thistles of grain stretching to reach the sky, and if you look hard and deep enough you will see the loaves churning out of the fire, calming the storm and offered to you as the life giving bread. Take and eat, it is the bread of life; the bread that has come down from heaven with your name carved out on the crackling crust.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash