Sunday August 1st: Living in the moment
August 1, 2021
Sr Jeanne – a rough diamond with a heart for the poor
August 3, 2021

Tuesday August 3rd: Keep your eyes on Jesus

“Lord save me”

Matthew 14:22-36

This is an interesting narrative of Jesus and His disciples. They were experienced fisher folk yet they were troubled by the storm. The short journey was taking longer than normal. On a previous experience they were able to awaken Jesus to ask for help because He was in the boat with them.
They never expected that Jesus would be on the sea walking towards them. When He came into the boat they were able to worship Him, and to say, “Truly you are the Son of God”. He is always there in the middle of our storm interceding for us, as in the present pandemic.
Peter wanted to be close to Jesus, but experienced fear and took his eyes off Jesus, as we ourselves often do. We must have the faith to believe that in spite of our challenges, we must be able to keep our eyes on Jesus, and be able to say “Lord save me” when in fear and anxiety knowing that He is present.