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July 29, 2021
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July 30, 2021

My God has provided for me

By Niobe Rodriques

This is my testimony… my God has supplied all my needs. Glory, glory to my provider! [aye-yah] Oh my, Adonai [yeah], forever you are my provider and you brought my spirit to life. I give thanks to you

The Israelites were hungry and wished they had died in Egypt where at least their bellies were full. Honestly, Moses had to have had a real belly to lead them for 40 years. How could they complain after leaving slavery? Was their grumbling important? For me, what is more, important is that Moses took their complaints seriously. He could have said, “Eat what you have. Don’t complain.”

Granted that what they said was harsh, Moses still heeded and took their complaints to God. God then provided them with bread from Heaven and meat every day.

Every time I read this text, I take notice of the words: “What is this?”. What God gave them was something they had never known or experienced before. If the people had not grumbled, Moses would not have asked. He did not seem to have a problem with the way things were, and if he had not asked, the Israelites would not have had the bread of angels. The song referenced today is ‘Testimony’ by Nathanael Hamilton. He sings about God’s provision in his life and how it brought his spirit to life. Most testimonies come after a test. Most successes come after intense pressure. Most new inventions come about after many failed attempts to create something useful. After both the trials and the successes, let us not forget to tell others about our experiences: the hard times when we were hungry for support—physical or spiritual, the difficult times when our leadership was challenged, the times when we turned to God for help, and the times when He did something so miraculous, we had no words to explain what it was.

Let us tell others about our provider.