Monday July 26th: Have humble and obedient hearts!
July 26, 2021
Let’s recite the rosary daily
July 27, 2021

Tuesday July 27th: We Will Win

“Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.”

Matthew 13:36-43.

It’s so easy at times to be discouraged by all that is happening in our world today: rising Covid cases when we thought that we were nearing the finish line, news of the death of loved ones we lost due to Covid, unemployment, civil unrests in the world, policies being implemented that seem to negate Godly principles, fighting and discord among citizens and various groups in society.

These are challenging times in every sense. The anxiety, the uncertainty, a vision of life that can seem so hopeless where the enemy seems to be making huge advances. Yet, today’s scripture reminds us that all the fruits of the enemy and his followers will not have the victory! God’s eyes are on his people, the righteous, the angels will take instructions to destroy the ” weeds” that torment us.

Lord it is easy to be discouraged amidst all that we are facing, but send your Holy Spirit the Comforter, may I raise my eyes and my focus on you. Let me not forget my identity as your righteous, a chosen people whom you love dearly. Amen