Art in a Digital World: A conversation with Nicholas Huggins
July 20, 2021
Visio Divina for women: Thursday, July 22
July 22, 2021

Thursday July 22nd: It is dark

They have taken my Lord away.

John 20;1-2;11-18

Mary’s heart is heavy with grief, with horror, for she had witnessed her Lord beaten and crucified. She feels helpless. It is her darkest hour.
So it is today for many people during this pandemic. There is death, sickness, grief, suffering, betrayal, disaster, hopelessness. Mary was experiencing deep helplessness. She could not see Jesus in the tomb, and asks, “Where is the Lord? Where have they put him?”.
Looking around she sees him. He calls her name, “Mary!” So too, Jesus wants you to look for Him until you see him. For he will call your name. He knows you.
Not to cling to him but to go and tell others even in their darkest hour that He is Alive. He is calling you to be an apostle to go and find your brothers and tell them that He is not in the tomb, that “He is ascending to His Father, to Your Father and your God.”
He is alive. Courage!