Archbishop Gordon & UNHCR talk issues affecting migrants and refugees
July 17, 2021
Monday July 19th: Through the eyes of faith
July 19, 2021

Sunday July 18th: No vacation from our vocation.

“But they saw them going and many recognized them…. and reached there before them.”

Mark 6:30-34

To my child’s mind it seemed standard operation that every time Ma said, “ I done for today!” then she would learn that old Mr Buddy needed food and Ms Feena wanted someone to run an errand in the shop. And Ma’s response? “You have to do what you can do.” And so another valuable lesson was learnt.

The rubber meets the road at the heart of discipleship. We decide to walk the talk or should not even bother to set our hand to the plough. There is no turning back; no traveling incognito, hoping to lose identity behind dark shades and Panama hat. As with the disciples in today’s Gospel, sometimes grabbing a bite or getting a breather might be even a challenge.

There will always be more than our share of work as missionary disciples. So gird yourself and as you get on board understand there will be times when demand may seem to outstrip our ability to supply. But we have to do what we can do.