Friday July 16th: Mercy not Sacrifice
July 16, 2021
Archbishop Gordon & UNHCR talk issues affecting migrants and refugees
July 17, 2021

Saturday July 17th: Finding hope

“… he will not break the crushed reed, or snuff the faltering wick …”

Matthew 12:14-21

On occasion, our friends tell us the Lord does not give us more than we could bear especially when our troubles are piling up on us. We long to believe them but many times our difficulties weigh us down and it seems as though God does not hear us. Nevertheless, it is really in hindsight we realize the truth of that statement. No matter how terrible our lives may be and how crushed we feel by our troubles, we are never broken, nor is our wick snuffed out though it may flicker. It is in those eye-opening moments we truly understand what it means to be chosen, to be beloved and to be the one who delights the soul.
Thank you, dear Father, for those rare moments. Forgive us for not recognizing the lessons you teach us. Help us to be more like Jesus not breaking the crushed reed nor snuffing out the faltering wick but through you being a source of hope for ourselves and for others.