Visio Divina for women: Thursday, July 15
July 15, 2021
Poem: These Four Letters
July 15, 2021

Poem: Fingers For Lunch

By Dr Debra Bartholomew

There’s a new diet fad in town

The craziest of the bunch

All the teenagers are doing it

It’s called “Fingers for lunch”

Or maybe it’s just those of us

Who are doing exams soon

Or maybe it’s just me alone

Eating his digits at noon

The nerves are working overtime

All I feel is a sense of dread

I feel like a hamster’s running on his wheel

But he’s doing it in my head

So how do I fix these feelings?

How do I change my diet plans?

I’m going to be doing exams soon

And I’m going to need my hands

Our Guidance Officer gives us a list

To manage our anxiety

Things I should practise in my daily life

To limit the effect stress has on me

Anxiety is even worse you know

When you’re on the spectrum of autism

It’s like what happens to a ray of light

When it falls upon a prism

So to ease the tension of these exams

Here’s a list of things to do

Strategies to keep you from having digit lunch

Or at worst munching on your shoe

Being well-prepared is crucial

So studying is key

Stick to a proper schedule

To manage your time effectively

Ensure that you get in some exercise

And especially enough rest

This will ensure that your body

Is at its physical best

Learn to do deep breathing

And you’ll feel your body de-stress

Be aware of your mind and body

That’s the practice of mindfulness

Take a walk, take a break, get some sunlight in

Listen to calming music, sing a song

Twenty minutes is all it takes

You can’t study all day long

Try relaxing aromatherapy

Oils of sage or lavender

Stretching is important too

Maybe even take up yoga

Try to free your mind from negative thoughts,

Free it from its mental jail

Stop thinking that your boat will sink

Say “Through this I know I’ll sail!”

The last thing she mentioned, funny enough

Was also eating to a routine

Drink more water, take in lots of Vitamin C

Cut out junk foods and caffeine

So there’s the list of strategies

To keep us from this finger food fad

No more nibbling on nails, from here on in,

I munch on regular food and salad!

I feel better about my chances

A bright sun’s on the horizon

Put me to the test, I’ll do my best

Exams here I come!!!

But there’s one more thing I must remember

And that’s that ‘I am awesome’ since my birth

I’m a child of God, and I will be great

Exams do not define my worth!

So be compassionate to yourself. These have been tough times. And when you’re feeling low, just remember these four letters….