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July 13, 2021
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July 14, 2021

Wednesday July 14th: The Praise of the Father

‘You have revealed them to the Childlike’

Matthew 11: 25-27

I remember the day that pride overtook me. It was after school and I was leaving college walking down Frederick Street. I was fourteen years old and had just started Form 4. My dad was a Floor Manager at Woolworth’s Variety Store, at the bottom of Frederick Street. As I walked to meet him for the drive home, I thought to myself that I knew so much more than my father.

This is exactly the attitude that Jesus is speaking against in today’s Gospel. Like me on that memorable day, so many think themselves wise and learned. And this thought gives rise to feelings of pride and superiority. And these feelings prevent our eyes from seeing the revelation of Jesus Christ.

To recognize and interpret the revelation of Jesus Christ in our lives we must be childlike. To be childlike is not childish, it is to approach God and our parents with a deep humility, something I lacked on that day.