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My ficus needs help!


I have a ficus that was doing so well. It was full and we were able to shape it etc. Then all of a sudden, the leaves started turning brown and dropping. Then the plant became very scanty. I’m concerned about this plant in particular because it was a gift given to me. Can you help me by advising how to bring this back to life? Thank you in advance for your help. –Priya

Dear Priya,

Thank you for reaching out! I am so sorry to hear about your ficus tree. Please follow these ten simple steps:

  1. Test the limbs to see if they are truly dead. The limbs may have dead leaves, but the limb may be alive. Either bend the limb to see if it snaps off or scratch the bark with your fingernail to see if it peels off to reveal fresh green underneath or if it is dried out.
  2. Cut away all dead leaves and dry limbs. Cut the limbs up to the trunk of the tree using shears.
  3. Re-pot the ficus. Remove the ficus from the pot and dispose of the soil.
  4. Shake off any soil that remains on the ficus’ roots.
  5. Wash the pot out with a mild soap and water.
  6. Pour fresh soil back into the pot and place the ficus back into the pot.
  7. Water the ficus and then add additional soil as the water compacts the soil. Continue to add soil until the roots are completely covered.
  8. Keep the plant in a location that gets full sun or partial shade.
  9. Fertilise the ficus trees with ½ cup 10-10-10 fertiliser per tree every two weeks.
  10. Water it when the soil dries out 2 inches beneath the surface and allow the soil to dry again before watering. Overwatering is one of the most common reasons ficus trees decline.

I would love for you to keep me posted on its progress!

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