Sunday July 11th: Together we can heal
July 11, 2021
Tuesday July 13th: Ungratefulness worse than obeah
July 13, 2021

Monday July 12th: Being a Disciple

This is what is means to follow Jesus….

Matthew 10: 34 – 11:1

Jesus’ statements in today’s Gospel may seem to be controversial. Standing up for Jesus in our response to daily living and standing for the things He teaches us, brings division in families, in relationships, at work, at home, in our ministry in Church. This is so, because most of the world – including those closest to us – want to go the easy way, the way of the world. Jesus tells us today that if you do not stand for the things of God and the way of Jesus, you are not worthy of God! This is what it truly means to take up your cross and follow Jesus. To lose your life is to abandon all control of what you want, to God’s will for you in every circumstance and decision of your life.
Those who welcome what you are doing welcome God Himself! The ‘cup of water’ they may give you, may be a word or silent but visible support and God sees and rewards this. Stand for God!