Saturday July 10th: Relax, God’s Got You
July 10, 2021
Monday July 12th: Being a Disciple
July 12, 2021

Sunday July 11th: Together we can heal

He summoned the twelve and began to send them out in pairs.

Mark 6: 7-13

Everybody needs a buddy to go out with. We need not be alone as we face the world. Even the vaccine needs a companion jab, and the community heals.
The self alone is unfinished. Only the cheese stands alone in a rancid stare. The lone wolf’s imagination is just that. In healing and in war we protect each flank, so when you walk let there be someone at your side.
We are like a jigsaw, someone else has a part to make me complete. Suppose you don’t like that person, or your racial group abhors that person or your class or political allegiance debars you from that person; your completeness is compromised. In and through connection with the other lies the salvation of the world.
‘Going out in pairs’ helps us to begin with each other the process of transcending differences in order to get to the mountain top. We are complete only in the company of the other. When unencumbered by purses, a companion is bread for the journey of healing