Church hosts mental health discussion
July 9, 2021
Sunday July 11th: Together we can heal
July 11, 2021

Saturday July 10th: Relax, God’s Got You

‘Stand for me and I will stand for you’

Matthew 10:24-38

I have heard it said that the phrase ‘Do not be afraid’, or some itineration of it, can be found 365 times in Sacred Scripture – one reminder for every day of the year. Even though I’ve never personally checked out this claim, myth or not, it’s strangely comforting to believe that the Word of God has a daily reminder to not focus on fear.

In today’s Gospel we receive lots of reassurance from the Lord:
“Do not be afraid”
“Everything that is now covered will be uncovered”
“Every hair on your head is counted”
“You are worth more…”
What Jesus is saying to each and every one of us is, ‘Don’t worry; I care about you; You are important to me; I’m looking out for you, watching over you; you will be vindicated.
Just stay the course. Stand for me and I will stand for you.’

There is only one thing of which we are to be fearfully mindful – the enemy of our eternal salvation. God has everything else covered.