Monday July 5th: Faith in the Lord
July 5, 2021
A collective voice to combat climate change
July 6, 2021

Tuesday July 6th: A kingdom divided cannot stand

The logic was clear and powerful…

Matthew 9:32-38

My Secondary school was non-denominational and filled with constant bombardment of tracts vividly illustrating idol worshipping Catholics destined for hell. I didn’t know how to defend my Faith but the aggressive techniques deployed and the Thursday lunchtime sessions of preachers who were allowed entry to continue the derailment of the Catholic Faith filled me with a holy anger. Thankfully I inherited my mother’s stubbornness which further fueled my desire to do something in the Church’s defense. I didn’t know what I was going to do or how…but the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin had a plan…the first Rosary group was formed. We met without any fanfare and prayed the Rosary.
I reflected on this scripture-a kingdom divided cannot stand. The logic was clear and powerful…the Catholic Church can exorcise which means that She had to be authentic. This was my lifeline tossed by the Holy Spirit, my mantra of ‘exorcism’; my YES to being a worker in the vineyard.