Sunday July 4th: Returning home.
July 4, 2021
Tuesday July 6th: A kingdom divided cannot stand
July 6, 2021

Monday July 5th: Faith in the Lord

“I pray for as much faith as the official whose daughter was dead”

Mathew 9 :18-24

I pray for as much faith as the official. He truly believed that Jesus could do the impossible and raise the dead child.
There are so many lessons I learned while reflecting on this Gospel. I learned to be humble before the Lord.
I also learned to appreciate the power of solitude and silence. Jesus asked them to “stop the commotion” and asked the crowd to leave and only then did he perform his miracle.
A major lesson from the woman who was ill for twelve years was perseverance. This woman not only had faith, but was able to hope after all these years.
Lord, let me come to you like the woman and the man in this Gospel with courage, faith, hope and humility. Let me never stop seeking you. Let me remember my need for silence and solitude so you may do Your work in me.