Friday July 2nd: The call
July 2, 2021
Sunday July 4th: Returning home.
July 4, 2021

Saturday July 3rd: Believe that Jesus is always present

“We have seen the Lord”

John 20:24-29

Having faith is often a difficult thing for all of us. Today’s reading is sharing on the experience of the apostle Thomas, often referred to as “doubting Thomas”. Even though he would have been journeying with Jesus, yet he wanted evidence to prove He had risen, when he was told by the disciples “we had seen the Lord”.
Jesus was able to say to Thomas you believed because you see me. So much so that Thomas then expressed “you are my Lord and my God”. Jesus then said, “Happy are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe”. In this pandemic storm we must come to the point to believe that Jesus is here in spite all the challenges
In Mark’s Gospel we are told of the faith of Jairus. Or the woman hemorrhaging for 12 years, who was convinced she can be healed by touching the hem of His garment.
Let us pray as we continue to stay close to Jesus that He will help us to believe.