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June 29, 2021
Sisters in Health: Sr Alicson walks in the footsteps of Jesus’ healing ministry
June 30, 2021

Wednesday June 30th: Jesus frees.

Jesus will free us from anything that binds us

Matthew 8:28-34

Two men who were possessed and driven mad by the force of many evil spirits found refuge in the one person who could set them free.
What is more remarkable – the destructive force of these driven and possessed men, or their bended knee at Jesus’ feet imploring mercy and release. God’s word reminds us that no destructive force can keep anyone from the peace and safety which God offers to those who seek his help
Jesus took pity on these men who were overtaken by a legion of evil spirits. The destructive force of these demons is evident for all who can see as they flee and destroy a herd of swine.

Jesus will free us from anything that binds us. The Lord Jesus is ready and willing to free us from anything that binds us and that keeps us from the love of God. Are you willing to part with anything that might keep you from his love and saving power?
(Don Schwager)