Prayers first, everything else will fall in place – farewell Sheila

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June 29, 2021
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June 29, 2021

Prayers first, everything else will fall in place – farewell Sheila

A tribute from St Mary’s Mucurapo Girls’ RC to Sheila Adams who died May 14, 2021.

Sheila Adams joined the family of Mucurapo Girls’ RC as Vice Principal in September 1975.

She was the Music Teacher for many years, singing melodiously while playing the piano, and conducted music classes for the entire school.

Under her tutelage, choirs, duets and soloists entered the Music Festival competitions, becoming winners in different categories.

Later in 1980, Sheila became Principal of Mucurapo Girls’ and gave unstinting service until 1984.

During her tenure, she ensured that the very high academic performance of the school was upheld, focusing also on the aesthetic areas of development. Music of course was her passion.

Sheila embodied the qualities of a lady—always impeccably dressed, stature upright and confident strides in her matching high-heeled shoes. Her charming smile, and approachable demeanour encouraged unity and fellowship among hard-working staff members.

Adams was genial and welcoming, motherly to both students and staff. She was admired for her tone and diction, an eloquent and articulate speaker.

Sheila was a devout Roman Catholic. Her mantra was—prayers first and everything else will fall in place.

After retirement in 1984, she continued to attend Music Festival competitions, looking forward to the performance of her Mucurapo Girls’, never forgetting to enquire about the academic standard of the school.

From your Mucurapo family, a plethora of thanks, dear Sheila, for your dedication and yeoman service.

God bless your soul, faithful and loving servant.

Rest peacefully.


S – Soft Spoken

H – Humble

E – Elegant

I – Inspiring

L – Loving and Lovable

A – Affable


A – Affectionate

D – Dedicated

A – Articulate

M – Musical

S – Spiritual

Sheila Adams, forever in our hearts and prayers.