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June 28, 2021
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June 29, 2021

Many options for adult Catholics to grow their faith

By Kaelanne Jordan


How can I continue to grow my faith as an adult?

Archbishop Jason Gordon provided guidance on this question during an Ask the Archbishop live chat on Instagram, June 23.

“That’s a really great question,” the Archbishop told Catholic Media Services Limited’s host and Communications Officer, Renee Smith.

He highlighted there are many avenues available “naturally” at various levels within the Archdiocese, “from free to investment”, for persons to engage their faith fully.

The Archbishop suggested the following ways:

· Read key parts of the Catholic News including the Archbishop’s column every week.

· View the Know Your Faith series on Trinity TV on Monday’s at 8 p.m. It is also at 6 p.m. on the Catholic Religious Education Development Institute’s Facebook page. Recordings for the current and previous series are available at:

· Sign up for courses offered by the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF), an internet distance-learning programme to support catechist and adult faith formation in the Church.

· Subscribe to Catholic content from Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire and, which gives access to “the very best” Catholic content from more than 60 organisations to help parishes, families and individuals explore their faith anywhere.

· Enrol in a three-year bachelor’s in Theology programme at the Seminary of St John Vianney and the Uganda Martyrs.

Archbishop Gordon stressed that Catholics cannot grow their faith without being committed to prayer. He again encouraged the faithful to practise daily Christian mediation in the morning and Examen in the evening.

A person of faith must be generous. “Commit to stewardship. Find yourself in a ministry in your parish and commit to it. In that commitment, growth is going to come naturally,” the Archbishop said.

Next, evangelise by engaging your friends in faith.

Archbishop Gordon stated while growing one’s faith requires a lot of commitment—anything worthwhile requires commitment.

“Not growing your faith is much harder down the road when you find yourself in all kinds of stupidities that you can’t find out how you reach to that, and you start to pay the price for not growing your faith. Then you know what easy and difficult is,” the Archbishop said.