Archbishop Gordon recommends a reading list for Christians

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June 25, 2021
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June 26, 2021

Archbishop Gordon recommends a reading list for Christians

Archbishop Jason Gordon will soon add four new books to his name.

The Archbishop is already an author of five published works: Encounters of Grace, A pilgrim’s musing along the Camino De Santiago; Teach Us To Pray; Meditations in the Upper Room; Food For Our Journey, Homilies Volume 1: The Desert Experience, and Food For Our Journey, Homilies Volume II: The Upper Room Experience.

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He shared with Catholictt during an Ask the Archbishop live chat on Instagram June 23 that he is currently in the process of putting “the final touches” on a book on St Joseph.

“And then after that I have two or three that I’m doing for O’ and A’ level students in religion to give them topics for conversation that could help the religious teachers have conversations within their religious classes,” the Archbishop explained.

On the topic of books, one viewer was interested in finding out what books the Archbishop has been reading.

Archbishop Gordon shared he has read seven books thus far:

1. Sohrab Ahmari’s The Unbroken Thread

2. Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Fr Jacques Philippe

3. Learning to Pray by James Martin SJ

4. God’s Voice Within, Mark E Thibodeaux SJ

5. Donald Calloway’s Consecration to St Joseph

6. Matthew Kelly’s I Heard God Laugh

7. Let us Dream by Pope Francis.

Asked to recommend books to boost self-confidence, Archbishop Gordon suggested Dr Brené Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability. He opined that the biggest obstacle to self-confidence is one’s fear of being vulnerable.

“What Brené Brown shows is that if we embrace vulnerability, actually it invites other people to vulnerability and builds far better relationships, families, and workspaces,” the Archbishop asserted.

Archbishop Gordon mentioned that as a dyslexic, “reading has always been tough”. He shared that Audible—an American online audiobook and podcast service, is his “go-to” for reading and he has been a subscriber since 1999.


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