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June 21, 2021
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By Kaelanne Jordan


Fr Emmanuel ‘Mannie’ Pierre celebrates 40 years of priestly ministry today, Monday, June 21.

When asked what this significant milestone means to him, Fr Mannie, with a chuckle, responded, “First of all, I’m grateful.”

“Thank God for the treasures of the priesthood and the tremendous support I received over the years from family and friends. I thank all of them for their solidarity and continued support,” Fr Mannie said in a brief interview with Catholic News.

While the current pandemic does not allow him to celebrate physically with parishioners and his brother priests, he plans to spend quiet time in prayer in his newly built grotto and attend to his plants. Fr Mannie mentioned he loves looking after plants, as they bring “delight” to his heart. His garden comprises white, red and yellow parasols, torenias, white periwinkles, white, red and pink pentas, pink desert roses, white, red and orange bougainvillea. Fr Mannie also boasts of having the crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii) and yellow allamanda plants.

On his 40th anniversary, the parish priest at St Mary’s , Mucurapo, St James, extended this message to faithful: Embrace the priesthood.

Fr Emmanuel Pierre at the re-dedication of St Mary’s RC, Mucurapo in October 2019

Fr Mannie said that his mantra over the years is “serve the people”.

“And don’t be afraid to go the extra mile in assisting people,” he added.

“Don’t focus primarily on the letter of the law, but always try to look at the spirit of the law. Always seek remedies to bring relief to parishioners and come to their aid in times of need.”

Commenting on the current pandemic, Fr Mannie urged faithful not to allow the lockdown or the virus to put fear in their hearts, so as to convert their presbyteries to fortresses.

“These times people expect us priests to take risks for them. That is not in my style,” he said with a chuckle.

Fr Mannie mentioned that even amidst the pandemic, he is still “quite busy”. As the parish is located close to the St James Hospital, Fr Mannie finds himself “busy” with sick calls. On average, he officiates at four to five funerals a week and even at weddings.

“And people call all the time to chat and get perspective on a number of things spiritually,” he said.

So how does Fr Mannie see his 40 years of priestly ministry being very fruitful?

“It’s hard to measure in a tangible way for success.”

He did however assert that it has been “heartening” when well-wishers extend thanks for his support especially in times of distress.

“These things bring some joy to my heart,” Fr Mannie said.

*Bonus information*

Below photo shows a grotto was built by some friends of Fr Mannie whom he has known for over 30 years. Fr Mannie spends time here early in the morning and late evening in prayer and reflection. It’s a sanctuary, he says that he deeply enjoys.


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