The vaccine – Our best option
June 15, 2021
Visio Divina for women: Thursday, June 17
June 16, 2021

Wednesday June 16th: Secret Place

“Be careful not to parade …”

Matthew 6:1-6; 16-18

Why does Jesus tell his disciples to go to a secret place to pray, give alms in secret and fast in a way that no one knows?
Jesus cautions his followers and us: accolades from others as we do acts of kindness, fast and pray, will only bring human rewards and not the spiritual reward we truly seek.
The answer to our question lies in the fact that God resides within us and it is from there our acts of kindness emanate. It is there, in that secret place, when we have shut our door, we meet Him and not in the glare of public opinion. Prayer, then, is that journey into the heart of God.
Forgive us Father for seeking the fleeting praise of others. Remind us to be always careful not to parade our good works. Rather, teach us the more life-sustaining way of not letting our right hand know what the other is doing, of going to that secret place where you reside and where we find you.