Saturday June 5th: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
June 5, 2021
Monday June 7th: Blessed Are You
June 7, 2021

Sunday June 6th: United we stand, divided we fall.

“If a household is divided against itself, that household cannot last.”

Mark 3: 20-35

Weakened by division and dissension, walls of relationship in family, organizations, institutions, and nations crumble and their debris is strewn across the ages.

By way of refuting the accusations levelled against him by the scribes that he was casting out demons through the power of Beelzebul, Jesus uses the analogy of a divided household. Their closed minds and inability, to understand then, and accept the way in which Jesus was fulfilling his mission kept both the scribes and his family outside the circle seated round him.

In our time we have seen how division based on prejudice, difference of opinion, or political affiliation can stymie progress. Particular to the global pandemic, the debates surrounding, the best way forward, efficacy of the vaccine, plus vaccine hesitancy have created a people divided. Worthy of consideration is to what extent this can be detrimental to the common good.

Lord, we pray for an open mind that will allow us to be so enlightened, that we will take appropriate action in this global crisis. Amen.