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June 2, 2021
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June 2, 2021

Miss Lalla devoted her heart and soul

Solange Lalla died May 22 after a long battle with illness. She entered the teaching service on September 21, 1990 and was appointed to the Arima Boys’ RC since  September 4, 1995. The following tribute was submitted by the Board of Directors and staff of the Catholic Education Board of Management, and Arima Boys’ RC School.

Solange Marie Lalla, a teacher of 30 years’ service par excellence, was a part of the Arima Boys’ Roman Catholic family and embodied all the values required to be the most admired, committed, and passionate teacher for which anyone could ever ask.

She took the vocation of teaching very seriously and devoted her heart and soul to her charges. She had unrivalled pedagogical skills married with knowledge of subject and the utmost love for her learners and lived by the mantra: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.

She planned for and executed the most exciting lessons, breaking down concepts, empowering her students for much more than the ‘Honour Roll’—she prepared them for life.

Within the walls of her classroom, she created a haven for her students that was absolutely welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and safe. Additionally, she carved a sanctum wherein she pushed and challenged her children to realise their personal best. She was a strong advocate for integrating Information and Communications Technology in education. Her lessons were enlivened and animated with technology, long before our virtual classes today.

She effectively communicated to each child in her care, “I believe in you; God has a purpose for your life.” She allowed her children the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings.

Moreover, Ms Lalla helped to shape and nurture their best selves. She lovingly shared the tenets of our Catholic faith and infused love of God into every lesson.

She permitted them to drink deeply from the cup of success and celebrated their hard work and achievements with pomp, ceremony, and lots of style.

Furthermore, she was like a mother lion with regard to her students. No-one could have dared to interfere with ‘her children’ as she was very protective.  She was a mother, friend and confidant to the boys who loved her tremendously.

Despite her many challenges, she neither shirked her duty nor her responsibility with her children. Never cowering from duty, she pursued the mantle of success and infused that same desire in her pupils to bring glory to her school through drama, music, and sporting activities. She was spirited, vivacious and comical and would instantly brighten the entire room upon entry.

In addition, Ms Lalla was very passionate for events such as Sports Day. The almighty ‘Lewis House’ must covet the march past title, nothing less! Apart from sports, she won the Ole Mas Competition at school, participated in National Choral Speaking with the boys and Parang where she won the National Junior Parang competition.

She effectively coordinated spectacular graduations, one which was held at Trinity College in exquisite style. Ms Lalla was noted for her phenomenal class parties which even included a private DJ and a water slide.

All this to say: she lived for her children and longed to keep her students elated at all times.

Our dearest, loving Solange, may you find eternal peace in the Lord and may His perpetual light shine upon you. May you rest in heavenly peace, Amen.