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June 1, 2021
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June 1, 2021

Cathedral parishioners in outreach

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While the eyes of the world are on the victims of the recent volcanic eruption in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Diocese of Kingstown asserted that citizens must still remember the poor and less fortunate who were not directly affected but are still in need.

Many persons have been displaced and are now residing in shelters and private homes. Government and international agencies, as well as private citizens have all been mobilising much needed relief supplies for them.

“Those who are not part of that category must also be remembered,” the Diocese said in a post shared on their website.

The article stated that on April 24, members of the Cathedral parish of the Diocese went on an outreach to these persons taking with them bags of food supplies and toiletries.

Organiser of the outreach Enrico De Shong said that every year the parish receives supplies from the Central Florida Organization (CFO) in the US which is designated for the poor. And although the first instinct would be to redirect the items towards the evacuees, he decided to “stay the course” and reach out to the less fortunate.

“We returned to the Layou area as we did last year, and I am happy that we did. We received a very warm welcome and although a year has passed, they still remember us very well. In fact, there was even a blind man who remembers everyone who was with us last year,” De Shong said.