Sunday May 30th: Trinity Sunday
May 30, 2021
Tuesday June 1st: Insecurity
June 1, 2021

Monday May 31st: Mary, First Responder

“Mary set out and went as quickly as she could”….

Luke 1:39-56

The rough terrain of the hill country of Judah was not a deterrent; insistent feet took her there. Neither was the good news received that she was soon to be the mother of the Messiah, encouragement for her to remain in her comfort zone, basking in her newly revealed glory.
No hesitating, no vacillating, no counting the cost, she responded to a perceived need. She visited; her purpose to serve. She was indeed a first responder, always a first responder; even at the wedding feast at Cana.
In the frontline today the world over, replicas of her are seen on hospital corridors, persistent feet hustling to wards. On dusty forsaken streets essential workers are masked and tired, their feet propelled too by the desire to serve.
And for us locked down at home this is also a time of visitation. Let trembling feet take us to our prayer corners where on bended knees and praying hands outstretched, we plead, “Mercy Lord, protect your people, save us all from this pandemic.”