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May 27, 2021
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May 28, 2021

Friday May 28th: In season, out of season

The person who lives in the Spirit is always bearing fruit.

Mark 11: 11 – 26.

The gospel passage consists of two parts: ‘the cursing of the fig tree’ and ‘the cleansing of the Temple’ The two stories seem to stand worlds apart but in fact are closely related.

In the first story Jesus was hungry and when he saw a fig tree in the distance he went to get some fruit. Unfortunately it was not the season for figs yet he cursed the tree for not having fruit. In the second story he went into the Temple and upset the merchandising that was taking place there claiming that they were turning his Father’s House into a robbers’ den. It was meant to be a house of prayer.

If we take the tree and the Temple as symbols of the Christian person, it implies the one who truly lives prayerfully in the Lord will always bear fruit. The Christian person does not depend on seasons, but on the Holy Spirit to bear the appropriate fruits. The person who lives in the Spirit is always bearing fruit.

Photo by Brienne Hong on Unsplash

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