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May 25, 2021
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May 25, 2021

Take the vaccine, it’s an act of faith

Fr Matthew d’Hereaux, parish priest at St Joseph RC had this message to share as his parish engages in their IVax campaign.

“Dear fellow Catholics, God gave us intelligence. Intelligence gives us science. The responsible use of science and intelligence is a gift back to God: take the vaccine and stop the spread of Covid. Taking the vaccine is accepting social responsibility to end the pandemic. It’s an act of faith, hope, and love to take the vaccine and save our country from deep disaster. Blessings!”

Medical doctor, Msgr Esau Joseph also shared with the Catholic News. He said, “I received two doses of the vaccine. There were no major side effects. I would like to strongly recommend that persons take the vaccine. The WHO-approved vaccines are already given to millions across the world. They have been shown to be effective and safe. We need more persons to take the vaccines in order to achieve the goal of herd immunity.

Msgr’s immunisation card

Msgr Esau Joseph

He added most of the elderly retired priests also took the vaccine and there were “no adverse reactions”.


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