Bishop Riocreux retires
May 25, 2021
The Most Holy Trinity (B)
May 25, 2021

Live the mystery of the Ascension

Bishop Francis Alleyne


Parishioners of the Church of the Ascension in New Amsterdam, Berbice gathered under strict Covid-19 protocols to celebrate the conclusion of the Easter celebration and their patronal feast day. Bishop Francis Alleyne OSB of Georgetown was the main celebrant, with parish priest Fr Carl Philadelphia concelebrating.

According to the Catholic Standard, in his homily Bishop Alleyne referenced former US First Lady Michelle Obama and her book Becoming and her successes gained in life. “She’s very forthright and very honest about where she stood and what perspectives changed. She gave up her job and prestige to get more involved in social work.”

He mentioned her accomplishments and personal concerns and attention of the former first lady. “That is the Ascension. When we look at the readings, it’s that call to go beyond the civil realm and go out there, and that makes us who we are. That’s the ‘becoming’ that we would speak of as people of faith. That is the journey to ‘becoming’ children of God; to overcome any ways of the world.”

Bishop Alleyne said whilst we can see beautiful examples of Michelle Obama and others, we are called to touch more as people of faith to embrace that mystery of the Ascension.

“But there are very real elements of the world they poison. Right through Michelle Obama’s life there was poison. Because she was Afro-American. Because she was a woman. People were saying things about them that were not true. She said, ‘no we have to keep above all that.’ And that’s ascendancy. That’s when we lift ourselves above the poison,” Bishop Alleyne said.

He then turned his focus on the nation’s elected leaders. “We have enough poison in Guyana in the ethnic tension, National Assembly and what goes on inside there. Once you enter that chamber, it’s not about party, but service to the nation, and it’s well within the capability of these men and women. Yes, we will have debates and so on, not for argue for argue sake. There is not enough conversation and life-giving exchange on the real issues and whilst we express our disappointment and our hope for our leaders to ascend, we too are called to take a lead.”

Bishop Alleyne beseeched faithful to “live that mystery, and as you look at that image on a regular basis, may it be imprinted on your heart and everything you do. Go out and preach to all of creation. Be messages of light and enhancement of light. I extend that wish to you on your patronal feast. That it is not just one day on your calendar but a way we live in every day.”