Sunday May 23rd: What’s going on!
May 23, 2021
GCCM TT launches with pledge of action
May 24, 2021

Monday May 24th: ‘Woman, this is your son.’

“Mary shows heroic “standing” in dignity and solidarity”

John 19: 25 -34

We have been celebrating Easter and at the same time preparing for Pentecost. In our ‘Know Your Faith’ series we explored the Holy Spirit in our lives. Today, the first day after Pentecost, we celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary who, through the grace and gift of the Holy Spirit, became the first Christian and disciple accepting the Good News (Gospel) and saying “yes” to God’s plan of redemption.
Jesus, even on the cross, is carrying out his Father’s mission – caring for us, ensuring that we are cared for. He asks us to SEE his mother, whom he is giving to us, the church, to become our intercessor. Like all mothers she interceding for sons and daughters to their fathers.
Mary stands in dignity and solidarity with the pain and despair of so many mothers who, today, stand at the foot of the cross and witness their children persecuted, tortured, killed: Children who because of their vulnerability are molested, lured into bad company, drugs, illicit sex, and money laundering businesses.
We pray to Mary our Mother to intercede for us.