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May 21, 2021
Sunday May 23rd: What’s going on!
May 23, 2021

Saturday May 22nd: You are to follow me

Stay focused on your mission in life.

John 21: 20-25

Peter has just received his Pastoral Mission to “feed my Lambs” from Jesus. Jesus knows him. From the question he asks Jesus about John. “What about him?” Jesus immediately redirects Peter saying, “You are to follow Me” as if telling Peter to be resolute and look only to him.”
Stay focused on the mission in your life. Like Peter we are to follow only Jesus and not be distracted by people and things around us.
Peter, to do his mission, must stay connected to the Father. In his call to leadership, he must stay in the presence of God.
Discipleship, demands for you and me to have a deep relationship with the Father, taking up your cross and following. To be obedient to the call, to reach out to others, you must be connected, focused.
Your call like Peter is connected to the mission of reaching out and feeding the People of God. Peter’s call is because of his love for the Lord.